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“Lest we forget they who passed through these gates.”

Glenn Cumbie
A pioneer in Texas aviation, Mr. Cumbie came to Corsicana to work as a mechanic at the Army Airfield during WW II.  Having attained his pilots license, he remained at the airfield after it became a municipal airport and was its manager for more than forty years.

During that time, he operated numerous aviation enterprises and held leadership positions in such aviation fraternities as the Quiet Birdmen and the OX 5 Club.  His mechanical expertise and unassuming demeanor was known and respected throughout the aviation community. 

 Mr. Cumbie spent his entire aviation career in Corsicana.  His passing marked the end of an era in local aviation.

Our Mission
To preserve the history of Corsicana Army Airfield and perpetuate the memory of those men and women that nobly served here and sacrificed for their country during those dark days of war.

Our goal is to construct a memorial at Corsicana Municipal Airport to pay tribute to these and all cadets, instructors and support personnel that helped to bring the ultimate victory...

C.F.A.H.F. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Contributions to the Memorial Fund are gratefully accepted.  Please contact us for more information.

9000 Navarro Road
Corsicana, TX 75109